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Xero is beautiful accounting software for small to medium businesses. We love it so much we built seamless Xero integration into Omono.

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Omono’s seamless Xero integration makes sharing your customers’ and suppliers’ terms, sales invoices, and purchase order bills a breeze.

Run your business from anywhere • A breeze to set up • Fast synchronization • Grows with your business

All Your Favourite Xero Features

Build better relationships, manage your stock, understand cashflow. Our team will walk you through the process in minutes.

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We love to help. Email, phone, or live chat; we are here for you.

Unlimited Data Storage

Secure storage keeps important documents right where you need them when you need them.


An instant snapshot of how your business is performing anytime anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to link Omono and Xero?

Yes, follow the easy steps within the Omono settings. You can also easily map your analysis codes.

Is Omono and Xero right for my business?

If your business processes quotes to sales orders, places purchase orders, carries stock, ships goods, or needs an improved workflow, then the answer is yes!

How secure is my data?

Very, Omono and Xero are both hosted in secure data centers with 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, maintaining multiple geographical separated data replicas to minimize risk of data loss or outages.

Do Omono and Xero operate multicurrency?

Yes, simply select the currencies you do business in, along with your desired exchange rates.

What is shared between Omono and Xero?

Omono syncs company details, sales invoices and purchase order bills. Everything needed to keep your accounts accurate.

Who uses Omono and who uses Xero?

Your staff run your business in Omono, only your accounts team need use Xero; keeping key financials private and secure.

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Build better customer relationships, manage your stock, understand cashflow. We’ll walk you through the process in minutes. No obligation, and no credit card required.

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